People ask me what my hobbies are and I have to always answer that my passions lately have been to travel.  In the earlier parts of our life we were busy making a living, raising StockPhoto4kids, and all the thing that occupy your time with a young family and growing career.  Well, time moves on and the kids eventually grow up and move on.  Once that happened we had more time and could afford the luxury of travel.

StockPhoto8 We try to travel as much as possible with the family. We also enjoy spending some time going to those places off the beaten path.  Sometimes it’s a “Bob ‘n Mike” tour to South America or Russia or a “Dee ‘n Christie” trip to Amsterdam or The Cayman SmallStockPhoto1Islands.  Sometimes it’s “Bob ‘n Dee” go on a European River Cruise or to the Lakes of Northern Italy.  Either way we all get to see things we want to see and experience the world in the way only travel can expose you to.

This is the year of Spanish.  Bob & Dee are traveling to Spain to go on a “Wine & Art Tour” including Barcelona, Zaragoza, Bilbao, San Sebastian and Madrid.  Later it’s a quick trip to Playa Del Carmen for beach and reading for Dee and Spanish StockPhoto3lessons for Bob.  Future plans may call for a quick trip to Panama in August to further Bob’s Spanish lessons and have a  quick tour of the area.  Look for the pic’s (from the new IMPROVED Sony Rx100 camera soon).