So on Wednesday you can take a nice little afternoon journey to a small city about 40 km from puebla. It’s called Tlaxcala (kind of sounds like La Scala). 
So you hop on a small bus and head out in the afternoon. Takes about an hour to get there. Pretty little town with apparently a ton of history behind it. Great city square, beautiful church, couple of cool museums. The coolest thing in town is a mural that displays the history of the city from precolonial time to current day. It’s a huge mural painted on the inside of the walls in what used to be the local palace. Really brilliant colors and amazing. Will try to load a picture or two but between my dog ass slow site and Mexican Wi-Fi it’s a crap shout if anything will load. 
Can’t say I’m feeling better about my Spanish. Still struggle to say basic stuff and even then it’s so wrong. Can read and understand simple to mid-range simple stuff but can’t speak for crap. Pretty discouraged but trying to press on.  
Hope to have some pics load but please understand if not there.