Ok, three more “interesting” things to discuss/describe here in Mexico.  When I say here in Mexico, it’s actually the city of Puebla, but I think it pretty much speaks to all of Mexico.

Windows:  Wow, it’s nice here in Puebla. Like really nice.  Every day it’s between 50 and 75 degrees.  Every day (in summer) it rains really hard for about 30 minutes between 4 and 6 pm.  Meaning it really cools off the town.  Sort of God’s street cleaning service.  windowTemperature drops a bit and it’s REALLY NICE to take a walk in the evening.  Makes pleasant sleeping weather as well …. BUT FOR ONE THING.  Apparently screens have not
been invented yet in Mexico.  All the windows in the area open just fine to let in the pleasant evening breeze that blows in.  Unfortunately it also lets in all the local flies and mosquitos.  Here you have a choice of cool and pleasant in the evening punctuated by the buzzing of various insects in your room …. or a bit toastier but without the extra wildlife.  I’ve opted for the later and spent a few bucks on a fan for my room.

Buses: Mexico is busses and busses are Mexico.  Everyone, everyone, everyone rides a bus.  There is at least one bus per person in Mexico.  They are DIRT CHEAP (like 30 cents) to ride and they go EVERYWHERE.  They rumble up and down the streets endlessly day and night.  They zoom from stop to stop and God help any feeble minded pedestrian that gets in their way.  They are always FULL of people.  Rush hour in New York full of people.  They come in a couple of different flavors.  The larger flavor is the one that holds about 30 people (similar to the “small bus” when we were kids …. autobusThe smaller one is called a “combi” … it’s basically like a VW Microbus packed with about 29 people in it.  These zoom in and out of traffic in an endless pattern, always full of people.combi

Cops:  Actually POLICE CARS.  Many of the police cars drive around in Mexico with their lights flashing.  Not sure why, perhaps so the aformentioned buses zooming in and out of traffic wildly don’t hit them.  I guess the thing I’ve always wondered is how do you know when the cops want to pull you over.  They’re behind you with their lights flasing.  In the U.S. that’s a really bad sign …. here’s it just everyday traffic.  I’ve asked locals how do they know the cops want to “pull them over” and apparently they either yell at you thorough their loud speakers or turn on the siren.  Yes, they do seem to enjoy turning that SIREN ON …. and the later in the evening, the better.  Apparently they give out a lot of tickets at night judging from the number of sirens you hear all night.

That’s it for this observation period.  There is a lot of interesting (and positive) stuff I’ve encounted.  I’ll try to write a more positive side of life in the next blog.