Ok, one of the really nice things here a Puebla is it’s soooooo darn cheap to eat or drink  (I keep telling myself there are reasons it’s so cheap but try not to think about that too much)

Beer is like $1.00 per bottle for the local Indio beer.  It’s actually pretty darn good.  Even if you don’t think it’s the best you’ve ever had, how can you beat $1.00 at a local cafe with a nice view of the city square.  It’s actually more expensive to order coffee than it is to have a beer (but not much, it’s still crazy cheap). ChurchAtNight

I can go out for a couple of beers, a ham sandwich and some french fries at a really nice place and the price comes to like $6.50 (with tip).  Last night a small group of us met at the “Hotel Royalty” to check out their rooftop bar at sundown to catch the sunset over the local cathedral.  We had some drinks and appetizers and my total bill for 2 beers, appetizers, a fabulous view and a small band was like $8.00 (and that’s goin BIG TIME here in Puebla)

Yeah you could live like a king “IF” you know how to keep yourself from any gastronomic “surprises” (had one this morning ….. can you say 50 yard dash to the school bathroom!) …. spoke the local language and had a helicopter on call in case you needed quick health care evacuation.

Hmmm.  Why not.