Pedestrians:  Ok, the only thing worse than being a driver in Mexico is being a pedestrian.  In Texas the underlying truth is if you’re a pedestrian, you’re basically a pain in the ass but unless you do something really stupid most cars will actually stop and yield the right of way.  In Mexico, no.  Basically, you’re the lowest form of life and the reality is “my car will hurt you if you dare to step in front of me even if you have the right of way” ….it’s pretty much “get the “f” out of my way or I’ll hit you and drive on”… that’s the way it works and everybody accepts it.  Figure it out, or risk being a damp stain on the road that future tourists walk over.

Pharmacists:  Apparently the “profession” is a bit less of a profession and a bit more of a circus.  Here’s a quick pick of a local pharmacy’s version of advertising their services I noticed on my way home.

rxMexico passed a law a couple of years ago eliminating the ability to purchase many drugs that normally require a prescription without a physician’s prescription.  Since that really cut in to the drug stores profits, now the pharmacies “sponsor” a physician (typically right next door) for the nominal walk up appointment fee of about $2.00.  You can then get you “prescription” and get it conveniently filled at the drugstore next door.  Still at bargain prices.  Hmmmm, can you say Obamacare?

Luchadores:  AKA Monday night fights.  One of the BIG THINGS here is the Monday night “rasslin matches” between the local favorite wrestlers.  It’s quite a show for about $0.50.  luchadorProblem is you got to wait outside usually in the rain in front of the ultra modern arena (former theater with folding seats) for about 2 hours if you want the $0.50 seats.  This is Mexican tailgating at its finest.

You can go all out for the “sky box” seats for $2.00 and arrive fashionably late for your reserved seat if you fee like going all out.

Anyway.  Life goes on in Puebla.  Minus Fox news and seemingly anything outside the concept of what happened today here in Puebla.

Ahh Mexico.