Stained Glass – It’s not as hard as it seems

Several years ago I decided to take a stained glass course in Grapevine.  It turned out to be a really cool experience.  The gentleman teaching the course did a great job of teaching me the art of stained glass.  After that I began experimenting with several different designs and styles.

ChurchSymbolI made the typical selection of flat panel simple patterns and then one day decided to try a more difficult and interesting pattern.  This pattern was taken from a picture a friend had shown me.  I did this one free hand from the drawing.  It hangs in our breakfast room.20130608_204643

Later I decided to try a more complex pattern that would be 4 panels that would join into a lamp base.  This one really took some time to finalize and was pretty complex.  I designed the sides to be just a bit different in the middles but the basic pattern was the same.  It is about 24 inches tall including the base and sits in our bedroom.  It really looks cool when you turn it on in a darkened room.

Next up is a TCU horned frog design that my daughter is wanting for her new house.  Look for that pic once I design the pattern and finish the project.

Look out for the trees

trekThe other hobby I took up several years ago was trail riding here in Grapevine.  I decided the roads were just to darn busy to allow me to road ride so upon the advice of my son, I purchased my first mountain bike and took up riding the trails of DFW.  It’s a really great way to blow off some steam.  No traffic, great trails pretty near my house, only trick is not hitting the trees.  See for some great trails around the DFW area.